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Great Oceanfront Resort in Costa Rica...!

  • Swimming pool, Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica...
  • Swimming pool and restaurant, Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica...
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Whether it be lounging in the sun or wading in the water, the pool provides a getaway unto itself. Our pool is located by the main lobby and is next to the restaurant where you can be served a refreshing beverage.


Guanacaste has two seasons, the green season which provides rain sufficient to turn the dry tropical forest into a lush green environment. This occurs between May to December with more frequent rain in September and October. By December, the rains have stopped and temperatures move from the 80's to the mid 90's and the summer winds come from December to May. Due to the continual sunshine and lack of rain, the forests have evolved to shed their leaves opening up the landscape to the exposed ground with all its colors of brown.


It is this which Costa Rican's have come to love, the open savanna's interspersed with the four northern volcanoes, the continual sunshine and coastal beaches.


Our pool provides the relaxing, sunshine galore and cool waters to refresh the soul. The pool lies adjacent to the Palenque building and is served by the bar staff located there.



The daily sunrise and sunset at only 10 decrease north of the equator change only twenty minutes the entire year. Sunrises are around 6:00 am and sunsets are around 6:00 pm give or take those twenty minutes. You will find that by the time you have been here a few days, you will be able to tell the time by the feel of where the sun is. Because the resort peninsula faces the east, we have an early morning sun. The pool has shaded cabanas for when a break is needed and the bays breezes that blow all throughout the dry season are a welcome event.


The cool fresh waters are a nice break from the ocean salt-water and the harshness of the beaches. Being able to access a quick dip in-between the sun-tan bath is the reason for our pool. Our Guanacaste climate in the dry season is similar to Arizona's dry weather, yes the temperature is high but with low humidity a very comfortable day. With the ocean breezes of the waters, a bit of shade, a bathing suite and what a relaxing environment! Senior, please another cerveza!



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