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Great Oceanfront Resort in Costa Rica...!

  • Bahia Panama view from the veranda of luxury suites at Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste
  • View of the private beach at Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Playas del Coco, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Reefs at low tide at private beach on Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
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The resort property faces east with a small peninsula that naturally divided the resort into two different views and beaches. The largest of the two beaches is Playa Panama, a 1 mile beach running east/west with our property on the far western end. The entire shoreline is sandy with a small creek entering the bay about midpoint down the beach. Another resort sits next to ours Sol Papagayo and a second resort Casa Condi sits ? rd's down the beach. Midpoint down the beach the local community has vehicle parking and accesses the beach along with a tour operator offering jet-ski rentals.


The far end of the beach hosts a very large swimming area with views out to the open Pacific, ideal for a late afternoon hike to watch the sun merging into the ocean for a sunset view.


The beach on our end is not suitable for swimming (our Playitas Beach is used for guest swimming) because of a rocky bottomed surface. This characteristic is due to the tidal flow patterns within the bay. The tides waters flow into the center of the bay and then wrap around running parallel to the Playa Panama's shoreline. When this tidal flow reaches our small peninsula jutting out into the bay, the water must speed up and in so doing it picks up the light weight sand carrying it off. This unique site characteristic allows for crustaceans to attach themselves to the bottom, fish eat the various types of aquatic life and the birds eat the fish. The site is a historic fishing site for indigenous peoples also looking to catch the fish and thus the reasoning for the Palenque (community building) architectural style which was the resorts original development character. To this day, when conditions are right, fish migrating into these rock bottomed waters allow hundreds of locals to gather when migrating fish visit. Every day, the heron, kingfisher and other waterfall come in the early morning hours looking for fish and offer all of us a wonderful birder enchantment.




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