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  • Playa Jicaro near Vista Bahia Resort, Costa Rica
  • School of fishes during a scuba diving tour at Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste
  • View of Playa Jicaro, Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Scuba diving findings at Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Scuba Diving at his best at Playa Jicaro, Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste
  • Scuba Diving gear at Playa Jicaro, Liberia, Guanacaste
  • Playa Jicaro, Guanacaste, near Vista Bahia Resort
  • Kayaking tour at Playa Jicaro, Costa Rica, very close to Vista Bahia Resort
  • Playa Jicaro, Liberia, Guanacaste
  • Playa Jicaro at sunset, near Playas del Coco
  • Starfish at Playa Jicaro, close to Hotel Vista Bahia Resort.
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Playa Jicaro Beach

Across the bay, directly north from our Playitas beach is Jicaro beach which was created by a corral reef inside the bay and off the shoreline. The skeletal coral is white and its crumbled accumulation of sand is what creates the beach and is an indication of how clean and clear the waters in this part of the bay are.


The beach is accessed by either paddling in one of our kayaks across the bay for abut twenty minutes or arranging our motor boat to take you across and then later pick you up. The resort has cellular telephone and a lunch provision for day trips that allow guests to go and spend the day relaxing on the beach and snorkeling, later to be picked back up.


The coral reef is shallow, about 15 ft from the surface at high tide and ten at low. The backdrop of the beach is our dry tropical forest which hosts a panorama of flowering trees in the dry season and emerald green in the wet season. The picture of the small school of rays was taken with just an i-phone while kayaking to the beach.


In the early morning, the bay's breezes have not yet started to blow since the winds are driven by solar energy and as the day unfolds and the sun's heat accumulates, the breeze flows from northeast to southwest allowing for the paddle back to provide backwind and a gentle trip back from snorkeling and relaxing.



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