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Great Oceanfront Resort in Costa Rica...!

  • Bahia Panama view from the veranda of luxury suites at Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste
  • View of the private beach at Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Playas del Coco, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Reefs at low tide at private beach on Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Playa Panama near Vista Bahia Resort, Liberia, Costa Rica
  • Shoreline trail at Vista Bahia Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • View of the Bahia from one of the trails at Vista Bahia Resort
  • Cliffs at the end of Playitas, Vista Bahia Resort, Playa Chorotega
  • Bahia Playa Panama view from the trails at Vista Bahia Resort, Costa Rica
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The Shoreline trail runs adjacent to the bay's shoreline, in a dry tropical forest that sits within the first 50 meters of the waters edge. This land has been protected and left intact and the company was able to build a series of four bridges and viewing structures we call perches. These facilities are needed because the land drops off to the shoreline about 20 meters below (about the hight of a six story building) which offers panoramic viewing and views directly into the tree canopy where the wildlife are found. The perches and trails allow guests to sit quietly and look for the wildlife and bird activity. The resort is home to a troop of howler monkeys that use the trees as both their home, their food source and sleeping nests higher up on the hilltop. Howler monkeys are vegetarian, lethargic in their movements but the males create a territorial call (howl) that is expansive well beyond their size.


The trail has just been cut into the ground, is constantly being worked on to improve its functioning and allows guests to move into this natural wonder overlooking the bay. The trail goes from the lobby building we call the Palenque out to Playa Panama on one side of the peninsula and on to our little beach we call Playitas which is on the other side of the peninsula. The trail also access the lookout point called Punta Vista Bahia which is where the company and resort got its name. In the dry season, the ground turns many colors of brown due to the leaves falling and the natural color of the soil and rock.




The vegetation changes drastically through two seasons, one we call green when the rains arriving in June, turning everything emerald green and then by late December which the seasonal change begins again we go to the dry season in which the trees lose their leaves, browns envelope the property and the blue waters stand out in the bright sunlight. Thus, we have two seasons, a dry and green season.




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